Saturday, 31 August 2013


From the data we have collected, most SST students sleep 6-7 hours on the week days  and 1/3 of those people will feel sleepy for their exams. Out of the 2/3 who is not sleepy, 25% gets A 58% B and 17% C. Sleeping 8-9 hours is the most reccomended as out of all of those who sleeps 8-9 hours on the week days are not sleepy during the exam and 60% of them scores A’s while 40% scores B’a. Boys are most likely to sleep less than 7 hours than girls and score lower. Even though more girls sleep more than 7 hours, more girls are tend to be tired during exams.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

IRS Video

The Relationship Between Sleep and Grade.


1) How will students be affect by the amount of sleep they have before exam?
2) Do you think having more/less sleep will benefit the student?


More Sleeping Hours Will Benefit the Grades of a Student.