Sleeping Tips and Tricks

Have a Power Nap:

Drink warm Liquids

Counting Sheep

When you are counting sheep your mind only focus on one thing, instead of everything else going on in your life. It helps your mind relax and eventually bores you to sleep. If counting forwards is too easy and your mind wanders while doing it, try counting backwards from 333. This takes more concentration then counting forwards.

Sleeping on Desk

If you want to sleep on the desk and light is going into your eye and you are unable to sleep.
Ostrich pillow is all you need as you insert your head into the bag and start sleeping.The user puts their head and hands into the three holes whenever they’re in need of a power nap.

It may sound obvious, but there is a technique for effective sheep counting.
1. Find a quiet location
2. Slip on your Ostrich Pillow
3. Visualise a large group of chubby  sheep all huddled up.
4. Picture a fence and commence counting backwards from ’100′ whilst visualising each sheep jumping over the fence.
5. Don’t be cruel and picture injuries or accidents whilst the sheep try to clear the fence, this is not kind!
6. If you are still awake by the time you get to ’0′, start again and this time do it properly!!!!


Nearly 3 quarters of young people have their phone in reach, and using phone in their bed have seen to interfere with their sleeping hours. So we recommend that you out your electronic devices away form you when sleeping.

Nap every single day
Contrary to all the sleep sources that say to avoid napping during the day in order to sleep better at night, I believe it is actually a good idea to nap every day. But in order to make this work it is vital to stick to three rules.

Avoid taking a hot bath

There is a lot of advice that says take a hot bath to relax yourself, but since the body needs to lower its temperature in order to fall asleep a hot bath will actually keep you up. If you find a hot bath relaxing, finish your bath at least two hours before your bedtime so that your body has enough time to cool down. Make sure to give your body at least an hour to cool down after a bath and prior to going to bed.

Have a sleep ritual

Do the same thing before you sleep everyday,something relaxing and 

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